I have my dog and I love to take my dog on the road. I love to let her run, explore new places, and feel the cool breeze across an open field. Of course, that means I always have to bring plenty of water. Unfortunately, I also love my car and prefer to keep it clean. It never occurred to me that the seemingly small amount of water that dribbled from the Tupperware container, when I turned a corner or hit a bump, would make more than a small amount of mess. Trust me, there is more mess than you think Large Wet Wipes for Everywhere(8″x6″,1Pack) B085XQTBXP.

Because I love keeping my car clean, I always try to be diligent about at least trying to pat the upholstery dry with a towel or wipe as much water off the seats as I can. Thinking everything was fine, I continued to bring my dog out, continued to water her, and continued to delude myself into thinking I was cleaning up the mess adequately. Well, it didn’t take long and I started to notice a rather unpleasant smell in my car…even when the dog wasn’t in it! It was mold.

If you run into this problem, do the following:

Locate all of the moldy areas. If you tend to put your dog bowl in the same spot over and over again, this shouldn’t be too difficult. However, make sure you smell around just in case and look behind the cloth, under the seat, and seek out any stains.
Air out the car. Open all the doors and try to get that moisture out of your car.
Depending on the degree of mold, purchase some mold cleaner or use a water-vinegar mixture. Follow the directions thoroughly if you’ve purchased a mold cleaner, otherwise spray the moldy surface and scrub it thoroughly. Make sure you wear rubber gloves and a mask for this, that mold is not good for you. Also, make sure not to make your upholstery too wet while cleaning, it will get mold again.
Park your car outside if it’s sunny and a little windy, this’ll dry it out in no time. Otherwise use a shopvac or wet/dry vacuum to remove all the excess.
Now, if this hasn’t happened to you yet, you’re lucky. Save yourself the hassle and go find yourself a spill proof dog bowl. I purchased one recently and my life has changed ever since. A spill proof dog bowl may seem like an unnecessary purchase, but it saves on gloves, masks, cleaning solution, and time.

Tips For Wet Upholstery – Why You Should Get a Spill Proof Dog Bowl

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